Hi, I'm MissMadson, and I make videos for YouTube, most notably my davemadson-inspired videos. Speaking of davemadson, I am one of his fans and I decided to join Newgrounds to celebrate his 10th anniversary on YouTube!

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SakuraStarNG's News

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 14th, 2021

davemadson's Classic Funny Signs

"Journey to the Center of the World"

The gang encounters funny signs en route to the center of the world.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 10th, 2021

davemadson's Classic Funny Signs

"Kids Don't Bounce"

On we go, bouncing across the field of funny signs.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 8th, 2021

NET Parodies 7

Ashley (of the Pink Star Angels) joins the gang for more NET Globe parodies, and Miss M and Jenny show Dave and Astro their transformations into Sailor Scouts.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 6th, 2021

Sailor Madson

Episode 1: "Ashley In Danger"

This is a very special video that I made for my first anniversary on YT, and it's also the first one of my brand new Sailor Madson series!

In this video, Evil Kolya and Evil Miss M have kidnapped Ashley, and Sailor Madson and her friends are on a mission to rescue her.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 5th, 2021

Viacom V of Doom Bloopers (2021 Remake)

With Sam under suspension due to a dispute over tantrums, the rest of the gang encounters bloopers on the infamous V of Doom.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 2nd, 2021

davemadson's Classic Funny Signs

"On Our Way To Katima Mulilo"

The gang has many twists and turns as they follow the funny signs en route to Katima Mulilo, a village in northeast Namibia by the Zambezi river.


Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 1st, 2021

davemadson's Classic Funny Signs

"Road Scholar"

The gang is well-schooled in following the road of funny signs.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 1st, 2021

PBS Parodies 42

Aurum Shenron, the Golden Dragon, returns and, along with Juno and the angels, grants more wishes to Dave and his friends.


Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 29th, 2021

Microsoft Sam Plays Friday Night Funkin'

Week 5

Microsoft Sam attempts the fifth week of Friday Night Funkin', which is the Christmas-themed week with Lemon Demon appearing in the third and final song of that week, and the JCtn Squad will be here to help him out! Think you can beat his score? Try playing the game yourself!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 27th, 2021

SEGA Logo Bloopers 3 (2021 Remake)

In the third SEGA logo blooper video, the gang encounters the V of Doom, S from Hell and Mask of Guo Xiang.