Hi, I'm MissMadson, and I make videos for YouTube, most notably my davemadson-inspired videos. Speaking of davemadson, I am one of his fans and I decided to join Newgrounds to celebrate his 10th anniversary on YouTube!

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SakuraStarNG's News

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 1st, 2020

Well guess what... Davemadson FINALLY managed to bring back Microsoft Anna, LH Michael, and LH Michelle. But I've been wondering... How did he do it?

LT Bloopers 194: Reunited and it Feels so Blooper

Ring scheme: Berry Blue

Bloopers in this episode of LT Bloopers include Warner Zingers, Match Game references, a typo on the word "Warner", and even the TAF Shield (That's all Folks!) appearing early in an LT Bloopers episode.

Sam will be doing a lot of writing in this episode, but only if he manages to plant Dave in the ground by throwing a tantrum!


Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 27th, 2020

Watch the new episode of davemadson's LT Bloopers:


Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 18th, 2020

We get smiles aplenty with this batch of Funny Signs, such as badde manors, dinosaur park rules, water on the road, and even Zzyzx Road!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 14th, 2020

LT Bloopers 192: Whose Blooper Is It Anyway?

In this episode, Dave appeals the ruling on Sam's laugh line as the LT Bloopers roll on.

Will Microsoft Sam's laugh line remain his property or will it revert back to public domain?

Watch this episode to find out!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 9th, 2020

A little sarcasm goes a long way in the land of funny signs, all the way from rudeness attracting tube mice to a policeman on a little girl's bicycle. It even leads to a wall that may be dangerous!

Watch this episode of Funny Signs before your ROFLcopter gets dismantled!


Contains a new "NOT FUNNY!" audio clip.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 1st, 2020

From drunken hands to a pastors' expedition, all the way to dancing with a jellyfish, this excursion through the land of funny signs has some unexpected twists and turns.


Also, watch Microsoft Sam eat dirt!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - September 26th, 2020

LT Bloopers 190: The Unsinkable Blooper Chaos


Another navigation through the chaos of LT Bloopers.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvfaZzVCuoQ

And watch Radar Overseer Scotty get his face erased! (Well, so does Microsoft Sam.)


Posted by SakuraStarNG - September 19th, 2020

Hey everyone! Davemadson just posted a new episode of Funny Signs!

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HAQsxUB8p4

Also, his channel used to be called "davemadson davemadson". He decided to rename it. His new channel name is "the real davemadson".

Posted by SakuraStarNG - September 17th, 2020

Hello everyone! My name is Miss Madson, and I am a video maker who makes videos for YouTube, most notably those davemadson-inspired videos. As a fan of davemadson, I enjoy all his videos, and guess what? To celebrate his 10th anniversary on YouTube, I decided to join Newgrounds!

History Lesson: davemadson joined YouTube on 2010, went on a three-year hiatus on 2014, returned to YouTube on 2017, and finally, this year celebrates his 10th anniversary on YouTube!

For those of you not familiar with davemadson, I would recommend you to visit his channel and watch his videos so that you get familiar with him.

I am best known for the following videos:

  • PlayStation 1 Startup Bloopers
  • Funny Signs
  • Motorola Ident Bloopers

Want to get the text to speech voices that I use for my videos? You can get them here:

Anyway, that's all I have to say here. Have a nice day!

Soi soi soi soi soi!