Hi, I'm MissMadson, and I make videos for YouTube, most notably my davemadson-inspired videos. Speaking of davemadson, I am one of his fans and I decided to join Newgrounds to celebrate his 10th anniversary on YouTube!

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SakuraStarNG's News

Posted by SakuraStarNG - February 15th, 2022

Dave & Friends 16

"Rhonda and Wanda's Big Surprise"

Doctor Jade and Nurse Jasmine reveal the reason behind Rhonda and Wanda's emotional distress of the threat of an attack by Magmarina Ash, and in so doing a big surprise is revealed.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - February 12th, 2022

Funny Signs

"Escape From HoH SiS"

Amid the barrage of Funny Signs, Rhonda and Wanda are kidnapped and Dave and his friends seek out the culprits.

First episode of Dave's Funny Signs series to include a Sign Request Park segment!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - February 9th, 2022

Funny Signs

"Drag Strip High School"

Dave and his friends get an education in Funny Signs, also a restriction has been overturned on the infernal imps.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - February 8th, 2022

ABC Parodies 1

The ABC Color ID from the 1960's is parodied for the first time. Featured: news reports of volcanic eruptions and a wildfire, another visit from the Teeth Guy and Teeth Lady, and a cameo by Jadee Narse (Cedric's mother).

Posted by SakuraStarNG - February 5th, 2022

LT Parodies 243

"Arrow Shields Pointin' Atcha"

With another new ring scheme (thanks to Scarlton and Timothy Ly), this is an "arrowing" episode of LT Parodies, and Evil Anna and Evil Beulah crash the party.

This episode introduces a new parody concept: Arrow Shields!

There are 16 different arrow shields that Dave have included in this video. Be on the lookout for them!

Also, the road scene will be invoked again in this episode, but this time, with a twist!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - February 4th, 2022

Miss Madson's Funny Signs

Exit 20: "Do Not Anger the Octopus"

The gang goes on a blue-ringed and eight-armed adventure full of funny signs.



Posted by SakuraStarNG - February 3rd, 2022

NBC Parodies 6

The light-up letters parodies become more colorful, and the gang encounters the Peacock's evil twin, the Undead Peacock.


Posted by SakuraStarNG - February 1st, 2022

The Best of Miss Madson (in Dave's Universe)

Here's a compilation of all my best moments in Dave's universe, starting from LT Parodies 210: "Return of the Chairman", all the way to The Dawn of the New Era of Logo Parodies: A davemadson entertainment inc. Year End Special!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - January 30th, 2022

NET Parodies 8

The 1959-65 "Carpet" logo gets the parody treatment, Taylor Branford reports of a wildfire, and two more evil twins show up.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - January 25th, 2022

PBS Parodies 43

More 1971 PBS ID parodies, news breaks about an eruption and tsunami and the gang learns of the source, and Evil Miss M and Evil Jenny stir up trouble.