Hi, I'm MissMadson, and I make videos for YouTube, most notably my davemadson-inspired videos. Speaking of davemadson, I am one of his fans and I decided to join Newgrounds to celebrate his 10th anniversary on YouTube!

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SakuraStarNG's News

Posted by SakuraStarNG - March 26th, 2023

Lenovo On The Loose

Episode 3: "Twice the Fun, Twice the Chase"

Now both Lenovos are on the loose, and Miss M and her friends need to get them back to their respective idents!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - December 1st, 2022

Miss M & Friends

Episode 7: "Gadget Girl's Lab"

A special video to celebrate my second anniversary on YouTube, where Miss M and her friends visit Gadget Girl's lab to meet a scientist whose name is Gadget Girl. Gadget Girl discovers something about the TTS multiverse and the Tic Controllosa Splinters, and she shows Miss M and her friends some amazing inventions, but it's all fun and games until Miss Xudson shows up!


Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 6th, 2022

PlayStation 1 Startup Parodies

Episode 15: "Work Smarter! Not Harder!"

In my final PlayStation 1 Startup Parodies video before my retirement from the logo parodies community, the PlayStation 1 startup and menu get the parody treatment.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - November 1st, 2022

Miss Madson Quickies 3

1 of 4: Pick a pumpkin from the patch

Miss Madson and Jenny visit a pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin.

2 of 4: Miss Madson's Halloween Party

Miss Madson hosts a Halloween party in her studio.

3 of 4: Ralph Skywalker’s Jedi Knightmare

Ralph Skywalker battles the Evil DarthRalph.

4 of 4: Miss Madson’s Nightmare

Miss Madson realizes that she’s feeling tired, so she takes a nap. But then she has a nightmare about Miss Xudson.

This is my version of Jan Justine's "Four Shorts in One Cartoon".


Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 27th, 2022


Dave OS, my first ever game project, is coming to Newgrounds this December!

I have worked very hard to create a davemadson-inspired OS, and guess what: it's already almost finished!

But anyway, here are some sneak peeks:


I haven't planned the official release date yet, but I will as soon as I finish production on the game.

Oh yeah, I'm thinking to add Medals to that game too.


Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 20th, 2022

Madson Patrol

Episode 2: "Patrol of the Madson"

Gen'Eric Noos Ree-Porter does news reports about a magnitude 10 earthquake and Ashley's retirement from the Pink Star Angels, while Miss Madson teaches you how to look like a spectacular girl and Microsoft Sam plays the Friday Night Funkin' Tutorial on Hard.

Inspired by Thunderbirds101's Blue Screen of Death series.

Posted by SakuraStarNG - October 9th, 2022

Welcome to Windows 93

In this video, I will be exploring Windows 93. It's like Windows 95, but it has some random stuff in it that you might not think that it would have.

Special thanks to jankenpopp for the creation of Windows 93!


Posted by SakuraStarNG - September 27th, 2022

Miss Madson's Funny Signs

Exit 24: "Distraction Kills"

Distraction is an enemy, but what if you get distracted by these funny signs?

Be sure to watch for TF2 references in this Funny Signs video!

Posted by SakuraStarNG - September 13th, 2022

Lenovo On The Loose

Episode 2: "Escape From Hello Moto"

After Miss M and Moto Madson managed to get the Lenovo back in Motorola's New World Ident, the other Lenovo escapes Motorola's Hello Moto Ident, and it's up to Miss M and her friends to bring him back to the ident!


Posted by SakuraStarNG - September 5th, 2022

Miss Madson Quickies Episode 2

1 of 4: Meet Irene Icecream

Miss M and her friends meet Irene Icecream.

2 of 4: Miss Madson's Birthday Celebration

Miss Madson is having a birthday party.

3 of 4: Ayrton & Miss M showing the cheerleader sisters their true power

Ayrton & Miss Madson are about to show their true ultimate power by releasing them! But after they revert back to their usual forms, Ayrton had an idea. But this means not only that, Lydia, Ellie & Laila show their Hula dance outfits.

4 of 4: The cake is a lie!

Miss Madson has got her birthday cake from Lucio and Lucy, and Cedric feels suspicious about it.

This is my version of Jan Justine Angelo Enrico's "Four Shorts in One Cartoon".

Listen to "Birthday Beat":